Terms and conditions of use


60REC s.r.l. sited in Viale Rustici 4, Parma, 43123 – Tax Code and VAT Number 02815930348 – through the website www.60rec.com 




60REC is a technological solution aimed to favour the match between job-seekers and companies and/or recruitment intermediaries interested in finding employees/personnel. The technological solution 60REC includes a Web Platform and a Mobile App. There are two types of users of 60REC: Applicants, who look for a job, and Recruiters, who are interested in meeting aspirant applicants to a work position. The technological solution 60REC offers a complete service to applicants to create video cover letters (video letters to introduce themselves and make the job application richer). The technological solution 60REC offers an easy consultation service of video cover letters created by the user applicants for the user recruiters. The technological solution 60REC is a platform that offers services to create and consult videos and is foreign to its vision and any production, as it provides only the technical support to facilitate their creation and acts as mediator between persons concerned. Consequently, the applicant may use or not his/her image and his/her decision in no way involves 60REC. The platform of 60REC does not enable a video to be downloaded and further shared, but only to be consulted by the specific user recruiter. The user applicants download the App for free from proper stores and sign in. Through their mobile devices, they save their video cover letter and upload it onto the platform. The user applicants can enter their personal dashboard from the App or the Web, and complete their application to an open position (or apply themselves), by e-mailing the link to view (no download) the given video cover letter through proper keys. The user recruiters download the App also for free from the store or enter the Web. They sign in and enter the web or App as recruiters and if they have the necessary coins, they can view the video cover letter they have the right to consult (having received the link). Anytime a user recruiter agrees to view a video cover letter, one coin is deducted from his/her account. 



USE OF SERVICE The users (applicants and recruiters) may not:

For the violation of these commitments, 60REC has the right to unilaterally and immediately delete the videos and accounts of the person involved and to refuse providing the service to him/her also in the future. The users (applicants and recruiters) are:

60REC may:

60REC is not responsible for:

LEGAL DISPUTES/EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION The contract between applicants/users and 60REC is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian Law. For any dispute arising in connection to the interpretation, application, execution or termination of these Conditions or single purchase orders, if the Client is a consumer as per the Consumer Code, the parties mutually agree to elect the Court of his/her place of permanent or temporary residence if it is located in Italy as exclusive court of competent jurisdiction; in any other case, the competent jurisdiction is exclusively the Court of Parma. Pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure, any other competent jurisdiction shall be explicitly, singularly and preliminarily excluded in favour of the exclusive jurisdiction.