I, the undersigned,


to each of the following sections concerning personal data processing

Pursuant to articles 6 and following of the EU Regulation 679/2016

purposes – methods – rights


  1. Pursuant to art. 6 EU Regulation 679/2016


  1. Personal data processing is mandatory (even according to art. 13 EU Regulation 679/2016) to allow the supply of the requested services and, if required, the conclusion of a contract with 60REC, in order to comply with the related billing purposes and fiscal obligations. For these actions, data can be communicated and processed by third parties as well.
  2. All the requested data are mandatory. In case some were missing, the person concerned will not be able to enjoy the requested services.
  3. Whenever necessary, for the above-mentioned purposes, data may be also transmitted to third parties that allow the supply of 60REC services.
  4. The data collected may be also used for statistical reports on 60REC’s business, as well as to send information to the person concerned. Whenever necessary for the above-mentioned purposes, data may be also transmitted to third parties.
  5. For the execution of 60REC services, data may be also transmitted to third parties authorized to process it.
  6. Data is mainly processed with the help of electronic and computerized means; it may be stored on electronic media, on paper or any other mean, in compliance with the minimum-security measures, pursuant to art. 6 - subsection 4 – point e) of the EU Regulation 679/2016 and according to safety requirements and forms pursuant to art. 32 EU Regulation 679/2016.
  7. Data storage and processing period is established in at least 10 years, also in compliance with fiscal obligations.


  1. The legal basis for personal data collected and processed is based on both the consent, collected by the approval of this privacy policy, and the conclusion of the contract with whom 60REC provides its services.


  1. The data controller is 60REC Srl, registered office: Viale Rustici 4, 43123 Parma (PR), Italy, VAT number IT Data processing takes place in the same registered office, collected data will be stored in the head office for 10 years, as mentioned before.


  1. By simply sending an email to, the following rights can be exercised:


  1. To WITHDRAW CONSENT previously granted pursuant to art. 7 EU Regulation 679/2016 – the right of withdrawal of consent can be exercised at any time without prejudice to the legality of the data processing carried out prior to the withdrawal.
  2. To ACCESS personal data pursuant to art. 15 EU Regulation 679/2016 – the right of being informed about personal data object of this privacy policy and the right to check whether data is used in compliance with the provisions of the law.
  3. To OBTAIN RECTIFICATION of the data pursuant to art. 16 EU Regulation 679/2016 - integration of the data processed without delay.
  4. To OBTAIN ERASURE of the data collected (also known as “right to be forgotten”) pursuant to art. 17 EU Regulation 679/2016, for the reasons mentioned in subsection 1 – points from a) to f) – modalities mentioned in subsection 2.
  5. To LIMIT personal data processing pursuant to art. 18 EU Regulation 679/2016 – in case any event mentioned in subsection 1 - points from a) to d) - occurs, with the modalities provided in subsection 2.
  6. To LODGE A COMPLAINT to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, with the supervisory authority pursuant to art. 13, subsection 2 of the EU Regulation 679/2016.
  7. DATA PORTABILITY – reuse of personal data for different purposes in different services, and the communication to a different supplier, obtaining data transfer without compromising its usability.
  8. To OBJECT to the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 21 EU Regulation 679/2016 – the right to object data processing for marketing and advertising purposes.


  1. Pursuant to art. 19 EU Regulation 679/2016, where possible and without extraordinary effort, the data controller shall communicate adjustments, erasures, or limitations of personal data processing.


The person concerned, having read this privacy policy, authorizes the processing of data concerning him/her either by marking the option “I ACCEPT” while creating an account on 60REC, or undersigning the contract form sent by 60REC Srl as requested when submitting the application for registration to 60REC Srl.