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To record and consult video cover letter and enrich job applications

For Applicants

Just one minute is enought to introduce yourself in a brand new way and simply be different from other applicants. Intorduce yourself: do it yourself!

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For Recruiters

Personnel selection: less time for interviews and more profiles to be screened? Technology can facilitate the process.

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Introduce yourself in a minute

Recording a video cover letter with your smartphone or your tablet it’s never been so easy; just download the App, press the record button and upload your video.

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Press Play and save time

It will be easier to understand the person you are facing. Just press play to know the applicant even before meet him.

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Be Unique

Show yourself with 60REC. Surprise recruiters with a special application: they will know you with your video cover letter.

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Innovation Process

You can really reduce selection time, just anticipating the first minute of each interview. Be the first!


The world is changing and jobs as well: there are less employment opportuinities, while competion increases. Available to all of us, however, there are new technological tools to find a new job.

The same devices we use in our everyday life: smartphones, tablets, notebooks.

Physical appearance, language, relational skills, self-confidence: are not these features the key to define the first impression? The one that matters?

With a video cover letter instead of a letter, the recruiter cuts selection time and identifies easier people and profiles.


A complete, new and easy App


Download 60REC on your smartphone or tablet, get an account and start recording your video cover letters in a selfie mode, to enrich your application for a specific job or just to propose yourself to the attention of a company.


With an account you will get credentials to access the online video management platform, connected to the mobile application, from which you can manage your videos and finish, if you like, your application process.


If you are a recruiter, the platform is useful for you to see the video cover letters of the applicants. You’ll  finally give a face and a voice to the resume in your hands, having an additional means of assessment.


Let’s increase recruiting results.

This is a new and easy way to manage, evaluate and select applicants, saving time and avoiding bad surprises.
In the very first few seconds of each interview, when the applicant is usually asked to generically speak about himself, the recruiter has already understood the person he’s facing. He identified.

  •  Physical aspect;
  • Language skills;
  • Attitudes

That same introductory phase, can be joyed without inviting the applicant for a real interview, but through a video cover letter. This allows:

  • Time optimization of evaluation and selection of curriculum;
  • A more targeted identification of profiles for interviews.

Access to the platform: it is free and it takes few seconds.Take full advantage of a one mounth free trial service, with no automatic renewal. Once logged, then you can consult the the prices and find the offer the best suits your business needs to assure you can go on using the service. I

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This is an exemple of a video cover letter: take a look!


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